Printing Tips - Printing 101

Here are a few simple tips that will greatly increase your ordering experience


  • Be realistic with your expectations and give yourself enough time for possible delays
  • Expect the unexpected...don't put all of the responsibility on the printer
  • Communicate your deadlines when ordering...if you don't tell us, we won't know

File Preparation

  • Please familiarize yourself with our file specification guidelines by clicking here

When Ordering

  • Submit your order before the cutoff time. Each product has a different cutoff time, so please be sure to pay attention when placing your order. If you require more time, please contact your sales rep to make arrangements prior to placing the order
  • Details are very close attention when placing your order that you select the correct product and shipping method
  • You will have an opportunity to upload your files during or at the end of the ordering process
  • After you initially upload your files, please check the order details which you can find under "view my orders/jobs" and make sure you uploaded the correct files
  • If you have to resend your files because there was a problem, please go to "view my orders/jobs" and click "upload more files"
  • If you need additional assistance with the shopping cart system, please click here

While In-Production

  • Curious on the status of your order? Just log into your account and check the status under view my orders/jobs please try and refrain from calling the office for a order status update unless:

    1. It has been longer than the estimated turnaround
    2. you do not have access to a computer
    3. Our website is down


  • Once your order has been completed it will ship to the destination via the method chose when the order was initially placed. If the pickup option was selected, you will receive an email that will give you instructions as to when you can pickup your order.
  • To track your order please click tracking on the website or within your order details and use the tracking number you were provided
    (your tracking information will be emailed and will also be posted within your order details)
  • If the tracking number does not work immediately, please allow up to 4 hours for it to become active
  • If the tracking number still does not work after a period of 12 hours, please email the support department at or call the office at 832-680-4660 and provide your order/job number so we can more efficiently assist you